hello my fellow repladies!! apologies in advance; the layout of my post is a little off. i have been mia for almost a year now! like most of you i spent quarantine buying stuff i don??t really need, and now going out a lot cuz vaxxed and having made some really dumb investments, it??s been a tight two months. so here i am, getting rid of stuff i love, but can??t keep, and it??s some darn good stuff. my loss, your gain, and vice versa, cuz my bank account could use some gains right now. all bags come from a pet and smoke free house and i literally baby them. they all come with dust bags as well. i don??t have psp??s because i had to reinstall wechat after my very techy but paranoid husband deleted it saying it was being used to spy on us. i mean even if they??re spying on us there??s really not much to my life and my first world problems. the most dangerous shit i do is sometimes buy and sell reps on reddit so idk man. family photo: https://imgur.com/a/5vbjkei here??s my feedback: https://www.reddit.com/r/repladiesbst/comments/f8vkcb/rlbst_feedback_thread_6/fmgnep6/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3 p.s: i??ve sold a lot more and bought even more, i just get super lazy with the feedback collection. ???????? here are the goods: ysl lou lou puffer, matte black, original quality from orange couch, small size i bought this purse from a fellow replady when i was a part of the discord group. i haven??t used it in a while so got kicked out. any fellow repladies wanna add me back? ?? here are my photos here is the link to the auth i purchased this for around $260 because she shipped it internationally and i really wanted it without waiting three months for shipping from china (anyone remembers those lockdown days and the hot mess shipping was god what was that). please note that there is some discoloration on the grommets which happens with literally all matte black bags. even the original. you can fix them with a black paint marker if they bother you, but honestly there??s not much of a difference. bag is clean, smooth and puffy ?? selling: $250 shipped. qc: i mean this is the highest tier for this bag out there so ???????? gucci dionysus, medium size- white with silver hardware. this is the bag of my dreams, i love whites and i love how subtle this one is, but i must let go!!! husband got me an auth gucci in white for my birthday and now i can??t justify having two white bags. authentic: https://www.gucci.com/us/en/pr/women/handbags/shoulder-bags-for-women/chain-bags-for-women/dionysus-mini-leather-bag-p-4219700k7jn9680auth mine: purchased from ts linda for $260 (inclusive of shipping) i am selling this for $245 shipped. qc: it is gorgeous, color is perfect, bag is clean and stunning, the only difference from auth is that the crystals don??t shine as bright but this one is $200, and the auth is $2250 so. linda told me this was the highest tier for this bag and i actually had to wait a month for this bag to be ??customized??. i honestly don??t know what was happening but it was the middle of a pandemic and i wasn??t in a rush. and when i received it, i was not disappointed. it??s gorgeous!!!!! moving on to the star of the show, bag of my matte black dreams: nwt matte black mini lady dior from angel factory! my bag hbags replica replica hbags replica handbags replica wallets replica dior bags auth:lady dior qc and details: alright so i purchased this bag from aaron, and i love love love love it. but i can??t justify keeping this. it??s new witn tags, never opened, never used (yes the stickers are still there) and it??s so freaking gorgeous. like??. the leather is soft and puffy. and it??s everything you would expect from an angel factory bag. god factory doesn??t get the feet of lady dior??s right, but angel has nailed it. handles don??t stay upright all the time, but i saw the original at the sf store and the handles for that didn??t stay upright all the time either. it??s a stunning bag, and took me almost twenty five days to order and have it shipped out because angel takes hella time for whatever reason. received it in another month cries bought for: $480 shipped selling for: $510 shipped please pm me if you have any questions! i will ship them via usps friday morning. again, i wouldn??t be selling these bags if i didn??t have to so please bear that in mind before sending me lowball offers. none of these bags are being sold at a profit anyway. i??ll probably return with more purses to sell next week, but these are literally the crown jewels of the lot and it saddens me to see them go. ?? fake amazon reviews
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